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Better operating and leadership processes

 Taking technical knowledge, business intelligence and the perception of the crowd to make smarter decisions has always been a challenge.

Now, thanks to the power of Unanimous A.I. Swarm platform we can get the most out of all factors  and improve the quality and accuracy of risk/reward predictions to improve efficiencies, cut cycle time, and increase margins.

Swarm A.I.

Core Service

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Your complete operational performance consultants

With our three main offerings we will help you improve on all aspects of your operation. Better leaders provide teams the opportunity to flourish and perform.

Better teams are based on role clarity and high performance KPIs.

Leadership and teams stand on a foundation of safe, responsible, value added, and efficient processes.

Leadership Coaching

What type of leader are you? 

Does it make sense to even try to establish one style?

How do you engage employees and peers?

Do you inspire growth?

Are you a mentor?

We will assess style, and effectiveness and provide an individualized coaching plan with hard targets  timelines.

Team Performance Improvements

What makes a great team?

How do we get the most out of our teams?

What do the teams need from leaders?

What motivates your team?

Can you change culture?

We provide a straight forward culture and team effectiveness evaluation and make recommendations to improve performance. 

Smarter Processes

Processes will never be followed if they are not clear, concise and add value.

Do you have too many processes and procedures?

Are you missing the safety critical ones?

Can you cut the number of steps to increase safety and efficiency?

Through a very diligent review of processes and procedures, we will show you how to reduce the number of wasted steps and increase the team adoption of your procedures.