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Better operating and leadership processes

 Taking technical knowledge, business intelligence and the perception of the crowd to make smarter decisions has always been a challenge.

Now, thanks to the power of Unanimous A.I. Swarm platform we can get the most out of all factors  and improve the quality and accuracy of risk/reward predictions to improve efficiencies, cut cycle time, and increase margins.

Swarm A.I.

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Smarter together. A better continuous improvement system.

In order to truly lead in the current era of A.I. in the workplace, you need a tool that is easy to use, and will outperform the rest.

Taking the Unanimous A.I. Swarm intelligence platform I have adapted a process to combine your team's inherent knowledge of your systems and combine them with a powerful A.I. platform to better identify risks and rewards. I then take you through the steps of "so what?" and build tangible, measurable action plans.

This is the ultimate in lean thinking and makes decision input available to all personality types. 

Decisions are no longer guided by the loudest in the room, or the highest rank. 

Swarm is a truly democratizing system that allows all to contribute equally.

As an extended bonus, the platform can be used remotely for developing consistency across sites and offices.

Ideation Phase

During this phase we work with your team and build the parameters that the A.I. operates in. 

We establish what are the risks and what are the rewards that should be focused on.

Swarm A.I. Session

Utilizing Unanimous A.I. Swarm platform we engage a focus group to best decide which priorities are to be worked on, in less time than you might think. 

Action Phase

We walk through tried and true methods to build the action plan with measures of success and other KPIs. This ties in well with existing balanced scorecards and allows your team to work within familiar context to limit the "change shock" that comes with any new thinking.