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Better operating and leadership processes

 Taking technical knowledge, business intelligence and the perception of the crowd to make smarter decisions has always been a challenge.

Now, thanks to the power of Unanimous A.I. Swarm platform we can get the most out of all factors  and improve the quality and accuracy of risk/reward predictions to improve efficiencies, cut cycle time, and increase margins.

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Welcome to our site!

Welcome to A.G.Operations' new website. Here you will find leadership tips, strategies and operational excellence processes.

The knowledge of teams and performance that is coming out of neuroscience is growing rapidly, and if you want your teams and leaders to be able to flourish in the new age, give me a call. We can set up consultation and draw up a plan that gets you to the high performing levels you know you can.

Thank you and I look forward to helping you and your teams on the journey to top performer in any industry.


Adam Goodwin, MBA

Better, Smarter Process

Better processes are the base of the operational pyramid.

No matter what your business is, the operation is defined as “what makes you money”. If you sell equipment, build houses, produce oil or gas, service an industry, or any other business, they all require carefully thought out processes and procedures.

Repeating processes is the first step toward improving them. A culture of ‘that’s how we do things here’ is regressive. When your competitors are building strategy and refining procedures they are moving forward.

We can help by identifying the key processes in your value chain and dissecting the steps required to complete these processes in the safest, most efficient and cost effective manner. Utilizing a number of tools we help you map out operations and plug leaks in the value chain pipeline.

You know your operation, we simply help you refine how you operate.

Better processes allow teams to function at a higher level

When you take away the corner cutting, and interpretation, replace them with objectives and goals, teams will naturally flourish.

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